Wall Outlet Speakers

Bluetooth Wall Outlet Speaker

Bluetooth Technology with Premium Sound Quality.

No Charging! No Batteries! No Cables! No Cords!

  • Streams music and hands-free calls
  • Fun, compact and lightweight
  • Pure quality sound
  • Environmentally green


BlueDotSound speakers work in ANY wall outlet at ANY orientation:
top, bottom, left or right, leaving the other outlet free for use.

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Any Bluetooth Device
Any Wall Outlet
Speaker Options

Super. Simple. Setup.

Setting up your bluetooth speaker has never been so easy:

  • PLUG it in
  • PAIR it to device
  • PLAY your tunes!
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Speaker. Phone.

BlueDotSound can also be used as a speaker phone!

Enjoy crystal clear conference calls anywhere in the office, at home, alone or with a group. It’s also perfect for sharing chats via iChat®, Skype®, Google TalkTM and more.

BlueDotSound Speakers